Why should you update your website?

With so many ways to create a website, it can easily get complicated trying to figure out which provider has everything you're looking for. On one hand, you’ll want a design that's easy for your customers/prospects to navigate through. On the other hand, you’ll want something capable of booking appointments, collecting leads, and showing off your projects.

Let’s be honest, If your site doesn't offer these options in this ever-growing industry, you won’t remain competitive for long. Not only will you miss out on tons of leads but many might get the wrong impression about your site if it's outdated and clunky!

Don’t let this be you… Upgrade your site today!

Still running that outdated website?

Updating your site can be confusing and time-consuming, especially as a busy shop owner/detailer.

But there’s one thing we can all agree on. Having a poorly optimized site is worse than having no website at all. Clients and prospects will notice the difference between a well-constructed site and one that glitches every time they scroll. Leaving them with either a stellar impression of your business and work ethic or a sour taste.

It’s important to make sure your site has the three Rs (Ready, Reliable, Rapid). Having these three will ensure your prospects get the smoothest experience without glitch interruptions while at a quick load speed.

This is where our team of experts comes in and makes sure your site meets our high-quality standards. We will sit with you and evaluate your current site, as well as guide you on what the best solution for your shop is!

Why our websites are different than the rest

Our main goals when it comes to creating your website are simple. Compelling, thoughtful, and functional. Make sure your site alone will bring you an ROI that way pay for the site itself over and over again.

Our in-house team of skilled content writers, editors, and web developers will listen to your every need and get started soon after you sign up. Working tirelessly to deliver you the website of your dreams. (It’s not a dream, it's just Velv Leads.)

The perfect website design solution for the Automotive industry

We have designed hundreds of sites for our clients. This allowed us to put together the perfect formula for what an automotive customization shop's website should be. Our proven site theory takes incoming website traffic and funnels it into hot leads.

Our design experts integrate your site with organic content, not just copy and paste from a template. This way you can have a site you can truly call your own!

Scale your business to the next level and start standing apart from your competitors.

Choose from many of our affordable packages with the confidence of always having our support staff by your side. Check out our website packages by going to Velvleads.com/pricing

Schedule a Consultation

Schedule a time with one of our representatives, there they can answer any questions you might have and also give you a walk through demo on what Velv Leads has to offer.

Don't take our word for it.

Christian Beckerle
Owner - Dipped Auto Works

Velv Leads is what my place needed to get to the next level. We've been booked two weeks out for the last 2 1/2 months just about since we started. Definite game changer for those who are looking for more than just marketing.

Jesika Towbin
Owner - Towbin Motorcars

Being in the luxury car sales scene, finding people who are serious about purchasing a $100k + car can exhausting at times. The team got with me, organized, and executed a strategy that would increase sales and I haven't looked back ever since!

Owner - Elite Audio Customs & Collision

I needed a marketing company that wasn't "cookie cutter" like some of the others I've hired. They waste your time and money hitting you with BS excuses. Thankfully these guys didn't. We had a long phone call conversation talking about the short and long term plans and they got everything up and running shortly after that. These guys are going places...

Miguel Peralta
Owner - Purple Flare Wraps

The team over at Velv Leads made my PPF dreams come true. We were kinda skeptical at first due to bad encounters we've had with other marketing companies, but Velv restored the faith. We can now start growing the team and the location like we've always envisioned.

Evan Sykes
Owner - M22 Detailing

In less than two weeks, the service has more than paid for itself. We're in a smaller city, so I needed all the tools that would help me compete with surrounding shops and Velv Leads was just that. I recently updated my plan and i'm excited to see what comes next.

William Sr.
Owner - Eternal Trendz Customs

It's still pretty shocking to me the overnight difference that Velv Leads made. We were getting leads that afternoon the ads went live. It's nice finally having an influx of clients as well as having the people at Velv to support whenever I have a question or want to change any of my promotions.

Victor Ciuricov
Owner - BMW Only

As our name suggests we are a specialty shop. Getting clients with only BMWs or Rolls-Royce’s can be a bit confusing without a specific target. Velv Leads helped me figure this out. They created specific ads with the videos they provided for me. This plus the feasibility of their platform has made closing customers a breeze.

Todd Trimble
Owner - Trophy Performance

Taking the time to write a review for Velv Leads seems like the least I could do considering how they've helped my shop grow since we started working together through the pandemic. Being “slow” is a thing of the past. They not only helped me with all paid services but have gone above and beyond with helping me set up my google my business account and Instagram, as well as some other things here and there. I strongly believe in this team as they've believed in me.