How To Sell More Vinyl Wrap Jobs In 2022

2 Minutes
Published on
March 13, 2022
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How to sell more wrap jobs in 2022 

So you want to sell more wrap jobs for your automotive customization shop. With the ever-expanding popularity of vinyl wraps, competition is more saturated than ever. Velv Leads will be sharing our tips and tricks on how to sell more and scale your vinyl wrap sales. 

First and foremost, pricing. 

When it comes to staying competitive in the vinyl wrap installation industry, pricing is everything. It is always best to research who your immediate competitors are. See where their pricing their services. A couple of questions to also consider: Are your competitors more well known than you? How is your competitor's social media presence? Are you doing all you can to target your potential customers? 

Understanding those questions will allow you to create a solid plan for selling more wrap jobs. 

Pricing and offers

Now that you have done your local research, you can price yourself at a competitive rate. But how do you stand out from the others? One great way we’ve noticed that shops can stand out is by implementing offers in their vinyl wrap ads! Whether the offer includes a complimentary detail, free front-end ceramic coating, or anything else that can help you stand out. People will be more inclined to choose you over a more well-known competitor when you sweeten the deal! So don’t be afraid of offering your customers something extra! 

(Make sure that whatever extra your offering doesn't affect your bottom line.)

Social Media Presence

Other variables many customers consider when choosing which shop to wrap their cars at is the clout behind them. What does clout mean? The popularity of your shop. Your reputation is crucial when it comes to selling wrap jobs. Clients like to see shops with high-quality media content, exceptional reviews, and large followings. So make sure that you check all three boxes! Don’t be afraid to ask satisfied customers for a review in return for a free car wash. Or get down and dirty with the camera and film reels of vinyl film application. 

Ads and ad targeting 

Ads are a great way of targeting those who might be interested in vinyl wraps. Whether you target them on Google, Meta, or Yelp is your choice. Running A/B testing is the best way of finding which outlet is best for you. Velv Leads makes this simple by assigning you to our team of in-house ad experts to do the heavy lifting for you! 

Vinyl Wrap Conclusion 

It’s not hard to wrap your head around. (Joke) All your potential customers want to see is a reputable shop that will give them the best bang for their buck. Checking all those boxes will slowly but surely bring you the vinyl wrap clientele that will make the rest of 2022 a record year for your business. 

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