How To Rank On Google's Top Search Results

Reaching the top page of Google is no easy feat, we'll be sharing some of our tips on how to get your automotive customization shop at the top of Google's top search.

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Published on
March 13, 2022
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What is ranking? 

The concept of ranking on Google is straightforward. All that ranking entails is getting your website, blog, or content at the top of Google's search engine. Ranking on the top of the Google search is important in order to get as much organic traffic into your site. 

How do you stand out when there are thousands of competitors in your field? We’ll be sharing all of our tips and tricks so that you can start ranking and pulling traffic in! 

Before reading this article, consider researching what page your product falls on. knowing whether you're on the 10th page of a google search or 2nd is very crucial in understanding what you're doing right or wrong! 

(Any search after the first page will generally only get around a 1% click rate. This is why it’s important to rank the highest in order to achieve the largest volume of traffic on your google search.) 

Website SEO Optimization 

Website SEO optimization is the way you describe your content on the surface and in the deep end. In this example, we'll use a window tint website. 

Remember, Google’s search engine speaks its own language… (SEO) which is why you have to optimize the back end to translate well into its language. By doing so, you should easily start ranking on Google's search engine. 

How can I implement SEO to rank on Google's search engine? 

Consider editing the back end of your website to include hot keywords specific to your topic. 

For example… If you want to rank for window tinting In Velv Leads, USA. Consider including variations of “Window Tint In Velv Leads" to your website's headers, image files, page content, URL, and meta descriptions. 

Remember to make your keyword implementation natural. Don’t overdo the implementation and sacrifice the overall quality of your site. 

Keep your site clean and concise

Remember to always keep your site clean and concise so it has an easier time being ranked on google due to its informational content and quickness. Simple things such as having true and engaging content, information bites (easy to read sections) can help with ranking on google. 


Considering making high-quality content

High-quality content can be the difference between a normal website and a site that's ranked on google. 

Make sure to create engaging content that will have your visitors engaged for hours. Whether that be videos on how PPF compares to ceramic coatings, a blog about vinyl wraps and the benefits of it, etc… All of these pieces of content will help you stand out from the unranked content that is online. 

Understand whom you're truly targeting and make sure you do all that is possible to engage. This will not only increase the number of organic leads but will show Google that you're worth ranking on their search engine. 

Make sure your content serves a purpose, is original, catchy, and to the point to have the best chance of ranking on google. 


Ranking On Google Conclusion

All in all, there is no definite way of showing up at the top of the Google's search engine. But keeping your page clean and concise, creating valuable content for your audience, and knowing how backdoor SEO works is the best way to get the traffic you've always wanted. 

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