The Importance Of Consistent Social Media Posting

From Facebook to Instagram, check out what we have to say when it comes to posting consistently on your social media page to grow your brand.

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Published on
March 13, 2022
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Social Media Marketing Strategies

When thinking about marketing strategies, many different things come to mind. Usually as an up and coming business, many tend to think that the only way you and your business can succeed is by throwing thousands of dollars into a marketing team that does a lot of “back end” magic to get you a single lead that hopefully leads towards a conversion. When in reality, that is not the case, and one of the easiest and most affordable ways to blow up is by simply picking up the phone and utilizing Instagram. It can be extremely simple and by far one of the most effective ways that you can blow up. 

With that being said, it is true… Instagram is hands down the best marketing tool out there. For starters, the social media conglomerate has an average of one billion active users per month, rendering it the easiest and most effective way to reach past, current, and future clients. With that being said, you might still have some questions such as “why should I use it?” “How can I maximize my return on the time spent on the app?” and “When will I see results?” Let’s go ahead and find out! 


The Instagram algorithm is the almighty seeing eye that dictates what becomes a trend, what gets seen, what is here to stay, and what gets sent into the content cemetery. Since its inception, people have been trying to find ways to “hack” the algorithm and come on top so that their content is what is seen at the top of the “Discover Page” Which is a tab that collects all the content that may be relevant to a user and presents it in a pleasing 3x4 layout. Many have tried using the right hashtags, fancy edited videos, and even following thousands of accounts in hope that they follow back. Yet, the most often overlooked way to have Instagram promote your content is to simply post decent content consistently

By posting consistently, you show Instagram that your page is an active part of the community, both in-person and on the site. Offering followers a genuine look into your day-to-day operations. That of which is something that you can’t reproduce in any way other than logging onto Instagram and posting stories, posts, reels, etc. “Which one is the best one to post?” You may be asking yourself, and the answer is all of them. The same way Instagram values consistency, they value diversity in your content. Try experimenting by posting either pictures, videos, or reels three times a week, this will ensure that you are casting a net and bringing in the biggest audience possible. 

Post Boosting

Another way to really maximize your reach on the platform is by paying for Instagram post boosts. Typically you can spend a couple of dollars and reach audiences of hundreds of thousands of people and increase the exposure that you are getting. 

In the same way that has created artificial urgency with its worldwide fake holiday, better known as “Amazon Prime Day,” posting consistently allows you to create the same type of urgency with your clientele. For example, say you're currently in the restaurant business and you take the time to post menu pictures every Monday with a caption that reads “Buy 1 Get 1 50% Off.” You can ensure that even on a slow day, clients will have an incentive to check your Instagram page to check if the promotion is happening and even come on days when your “promotion” is not valid because of all the delicious content that is being posted. An overall simple strategy that ensures more clients all at the cost of whatever your phone bill is. 

In extreme cases, posting high-quality consistent content can create another stream of revenue for your business if curated correctly. Though it sounds extreme, it is extremely possible. Take Royalty Car Exotic Rentals Las Vegas as our example. Though at their core they are nothing more than a car rental business, they have built up a following of about half a million followers on Instagram which have undeniably spilled over and converted into more than seven hundred thousand subscribers and millions of monthly views on the Youtube platform. Due to this strategy, they have been able to become one of the if not the most popular and recognized car rental companies in Las Vegas and the world. This has led them to be able to majorly capitalize on their content and reinvest into their business thus turning it into another business of its own; Allowing them to feed the cycle of reinvesting into their business. 

Brand recognition

Another benefit of consistent posting is the brand recognition and trust that comes with having an established page. When someone is searching for a business they have never utilized before, one of the first places they will do so on is social media, whether that be Instagram, Facebook, or Linkedin, and the last thing you wanna do is present an Instagram feed that looks unprofessional, uninvested, and unthoughtful. Because if one thing is true it is that many people will associate the way you carry your social media as the way you carry your business, which can seriously hurt your chance of bringing any new clients in if you don't invest any time into it. 


All in all, Instagram can be an extremely powerful tool. Many brands have exploded by utilizing it, many have capitalized with the content that, and most have extremely increased the traffic to either their websites or to their actual storefronts by simply posting on. Even though there are millions of accounts consistently posting, there will always be an audience for your business. So whether your business conducts itself as a mom & pop, middle or big business do not be afraid to pick the phone up and give it a try because you’ll never know where you’ll find yourself. You’ll potentially end up as the town's newest and hottest spot, a business that can produce extra income by venturing into different social medias, or of course just the business you have always envisioned. 

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