What is lead generation?

A quick overview of what lead generation means and why you need it for your business.

3 Minutes
Published on
March 13, 2022
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What is automotive lead generation? Why is it crucial for my business? 

Lead generation in the automotive world is the process of creating interest in your services (examples: vinyl wraps, window tint, ceramic coatings, etc.) with the sole intention of targeting someone interested, explaining your amenities, and the difference between you and your other competitors, and converting them into a successful sale. 

The lead generation method is the most effective way to increase your shop's revenue and grow in ways you have never imagined. We over at Velv Leads have compiled a list of tips Velv Leads would like to share with you to get more leads. 

Where To Generate Leads

You will want to collect all your leads inside a pipeline or funnel. Velv Leads does that seamlessly by setting up a marketing funnel for you. How do you get someone inside your funnel? Generating leads is accomplished when a prospect fills out a form giving you their name, phone numbers, etc.

(Common lead generating platforms include: social media ads, email marketing, landing pages, SEO) 

Not making a positive ROI on these platforms is quite normal. So follow our tips to make sure you make the best of your budget and ads. 


Why is lead generation important for your automotive shop? 

Lead generation allows you to scale your business the way you want. Want more clients? Run a higher-budget campaign. Too busy? Lower your budget for a week. Leads turn into sales, and sales equal business growth. 

Lead generation is the easiest way of bringing clients more interested than the common scroller. Once you hone in on what service you will be marketing, tweaking your sales strategy to your lead generation strategy will be simple. 


Consider always having a clear and concise call to action button on everything! Whether that be your website, ads, or blogs. The home page and your ads are all highly trafficked areas where your prospects might land, so have a way of quickly converting traffic into generated leads! 

Call to action for lead generation


Get familiar with the lead generating software

One crucial detail to consider when taking on incoming leads is the platform you are doing so from. Becoming a specialist on that platform can be the difference between hundreds of incoming generated leads or none at all. 

For example, Facebook Lead Generation ads might be paired well with an automotive ceramic coating ad followed by a lead generation form. Google's lead generation would work best with a vinyl wrap website followed by an enticing call to action button. 

Knowing which one works best for your business is crucial! So do not be afraid to experiment and find your groove on what works best! 

Lockdown your sales pitch for those incoming leads

Prospects that come in via a lead generation ad or CTA need to be spoken to differently than a customer referred by word of mouth. Remember to be quick and concise when speaking to the lead!

Do not hesitate to sweeten the deal to create an irresistible offer. 

Sales pitch

Another thing we at Velv Leads recommend is a sales pitch you can share with your team! In doing so, you can execute your calls with a purpose. Closing generated leads. 


Lead Generation Conclusion

Though generating leads can be tedious, Velv Leads makes it simple with our built-in tools and pipelines. We take care of all the back work and let you focus on what matters - closing leads.

Remember that generating leads will take time. Ensure your ads are well written. Optimize your landing site and that your sales response is solid. Now go out there and generate some leads! 

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